Dr Senitha Liyanage


Health economics is an important subject which has become even more relevant at present. As Emergency Physicians we provide efficient and goal-directed care with minimal delay aiming at reducing the mortality and morbidity. 

The life-threatening emergencies are skillfully resuscitated and the non-life-threatening conditions depends on the severity will admit to the appropriate specialty or discharge home from A&E either straightly once the condition is resolved or through the short stay unit. This prevents unwanted admissions to the hospital wards which will reduce the ward occupancy, reduce the burden on ward staff, and reduce the need for huge expansion of infrastructure for inpatient units. Safe discharge home with appropriate advice will increase patient comfort by being with family and also minimize the expenditure to the family too. The objective assessment of all patients presenting to emergency departments and discharge with a follow up plan will increase patient awareness regarding their illness. All in all, it will improve patients’ awareness, compliance, and Satisfaction. 

Under my tenure of the presidency will commit Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians is committed to help relieve the huge economic burden facing the health care services.